Full Time Web Developer & Researcher


What I am all about.

Hello, my name is Kurniawan Jatmika. Now I'm working as a Web Apps Production Manager on Garuda Learning System, after for years being a Web Application Developer in various projects.

I've been learned and applied wide range of technologies including : ASP.Net, PHP, Apache, Microsoft IIS, MySQL, SQL Server, and other web-related technologies.

Never ending learning, that's my motto. So I never turning down the challenge to accomplish bigger missions and goals for the benefit of society and humanity as a whole.

Server-Side Development

Visual Basic .Net 85%
C# .Net90%
PHP 80%

Client-Side Development

HTML5 80%
JavaSript 85%
CSS 65%

Database Management

Microsoft SQL Server 75%
MySQL 75%

Interpersonal Skills

Lecturing 85%
Public Speaking 75%


My past work(s) and project(s).

Indosat Ooredoo
May-November 2015

Former Outsource Engineer, developing & maintaining several internal apps for the East Java, Bali, & Nusa Tenggara Head Office

Dragon Wong
July 2013-Now

Lead Developer & System Admin, developing & maintaining http://dragonwong.com

STIKOM Surabaya
July 2007-April 2015

Former lecturer & laboratory server manager, maintaining http://labkom.stikom.edu and several internal apps


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