Kurniawan Jatmika
S.Kom M.Eng

Full Time Dad, Husband & Web Developer


What I am all about.

Hello, my name is Kurniawan Jatmika. Now I'm working as a Production Head on PT Renjana Abi Yasa, after for years being a Lecturer & Web Application Developer in various projects.

I've been learned and applied wide range of technologies including : .NET Core, EF Core, ASP.Net, PHP, JQuery, Apache, Microsoft IIS, MySQL, SQL Server, and other web-related technologies.

Never ending learning, that's my motto. So I never turning down the challenge to accomplish bigger missions and goals for the benefit of society and humanity as a whole. Especially if the projects are urgently needed for national purpose.

Server-Side Development

Visual Basic .Net 85%
C# .Net 90%
PHP 80%

Client-Side Development

HTML5 80%
JavaSript 85%
CSS 65%

Database Management

Microsoft SQL Server 75%
MySQL 75%

Interpersonal Skills

Lecturing 85%
Public Speaking 75%


My past work(s) and project(s).

Indosat Ooredoo
May-November 2015

Former Outsource Engineer, developing & maintaining several internal apps for the East Java, Bali, & Nusa Tenggara Head Office

Dragon Wong
July 2013-Present

Lead Developer & System Admin, developing & maintaining http://dragonwong.com

STIKOM Surabaya
July 2007-April 2015

Former lecturer & laboratory server manager, maintaining http://labkom.stikom.edu and several internal apps


Skill(s) learned and Achievement(s)

2020 Website Puisi Indonesia

Website for artistic literature collections of Indonesian poems. Can be accessed in http://puisi.web.id/.

2019 Puisi Kehidupan

Instagram project for showcasing original poems created by me and my followers. Can be accessed in @puisikehidupan__.

2019 Jungian Trait Test

Facilitating random questioned psychological personalities test using JavaScript and enable the user to save the result as Image file. Can be accessed in http://jung.jatmika.com/.


Ongoing development of http://hkti.co.id/, a system to collecting data of all farmers, their lands, and their agricultural products harvests across Indonesia.


Continuing development of http://sahabatumkm.id/, a portal to connecting all micro & small business across Indonesia

2018 Garuda Learning System - SMP

Finishing development of Garuda Learning System - Junior High School Version.

2018 .NET Core Razorpage Framework

Finishing research to use Razorpage to replace old .NET Framework used in web apps.

2018 Open Source Cloud Usage

Learning about Biznet GIO Cloud architecture & usage.

2018 Garuda Learning System - SMA

Finishing Garuda Learning System - Senior High School Version.

2017 Educational Dashboard System

Creating Extract, Transform, & Load pipeline natively using C# and representing the data in dashboard created using .NET Core MVC Framework.

2017 .NET Core MVC Framework

Creating .NET Core MVC template used in web apps development & deployment on external VPS.

2017 .NET Framework Packaging

Creating Custom .NET Framework web apps installer incorporating encryption and cloud synchronization.

2017 Garuda Learning System - SD

Finishing Garuda Learning System. An Integrated Information System used in Educational usage for elementary school across Indonesia.

2016 .NET Framework Template

Finishing .NET Framework web apps template to speed up development of many application pages grouped in scopes.

2016 C# Language

Learning C# to be used in .NET Framework apps development.

2015 Graduate from Master Degree

Thesis title : Rancang Bangun Data Mart Dan Purwarupa Dashboard Untuk Visualisasi Performa Akademik. Implemented Data Warehouse & Dashboard Concept to gain insight from many educational data type.

2015 Indosat Internal Budgeting System

Creating application to manage the operational budgeting of Indosat East Java, Bali & Nusa Tenggara (EJBN).

2014 East Java UKM Training

Training East Java micro businesses that produce foods & drinks to create online presence using email and web log (blog).

2013 Dragon Wong Web Commerce

Finishing & launch https://dragonwong.com/ that built from scratch using PHP, JQuery, Bootstrap & MySQL.

2012 PHP Language

Learning PHP to develop some simple client requested apps.

2010 Internal Practicum Apps

Finished reworking on Internal practicum apps. Incorporating question pdf download & answer .zip upload. Developed using .NET Framework 2.0 & SQL Server hosted in IIS Web Server.

2011 Jatmika.com

Starting my first website project with my own domain name, hope it can be inherited by my blood successors. Can be accessed in https://jatmika.com/

2009 Graduate From Bachelor Degree

Thesis title : Rancang Bangun Sistem Informasi Layanan Tugas Akhir Berbasis Web. Implemented linear regression technique to analyze variables that decide the thesis grade outcome of students.

2008 ASP.Net with VB.Net Language

Learning ASP.Net to create .NET web based app for internship.

2008 Java Mobile Language

Learning Java Mobile language to create mobile application (including game).

2007 Visual Basic .NET Language

Learning VB.Net to create windows form application (including game).

2006 Java Language

Learning basic programming theories in college using Java as programming language.

2005 VBScript Language

Creating random questioned psychological personalities test using VBScript and save the result as Text file.

2003 JavaScript Language

Learning to make dynamic web pages using HTML + Javascript.

2002 Turbo BASIC Language

Learning to create entertainment apps (including game) using BASIC language.

2001 dBASE III Plus Language

Learning to make full fledged program that read & save data from dBASE III Plus environment.

2000 Lotus 1-2-3 Scripting

Learning to use Lotus 1-2-3 macro scripting to automated some tasks.


Academic Career


GRADUATED IN 2015 (GPA 3,87)

Got A grade for postgraduate thesis.


GRADUATED IN 2009 (GPA 3,53)

3rd best performer at graduation day. Got A grade for undergraduate thesis.



Best performer in 2005 at Mojokerto.


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